About Us

Founded in 1963, Gicar has always been a 100% Italian owned company. Over the years it has consolidated its presence in all world markets, for the supply of customized electronic solutions. In some sectors it is a global leader, particularly in the automation of coffee machines…

Corporate responsability

Corporate responsibility is a question of culture and method. The corporate culture of Gicar is based on the principle of responsibility, therefore the staff is educated to operate in this perspective.
However, culture itself, although an indispensable presupposition, is not…

Research & Development

Thanks to years of presence in the world of electronics, Gicar R&D department, whose talented staff is composed of over 20 technicians, can meet all the automation needs of its customers.
Innovation and technological leadership are a great asset in the company…

Certifications and compliances

The company has acquired many system certifications over the years and all the necessary product certifications at international level.


The Purchasing Department operates in partnership with the world leading manufacturers and distributors of components; it is therefore always informed about innovative products and can anticipate market trends. It does not renounce the activity of scouting new…

Electronic Production

Gicar systematically equips itself with the most advanced technological solutions.
For example, for the manufacturing of the electronic boards: Surface mount technology (SMT) of the latest, generation, 3D optical inspection, Incircuit test (ICT), Automatic functional…

Electromechanical Production

Together with the electronic solutions, Gicar brings to the market highly appreciated electromechanical products, such as flowmeters, gas regulators and level probes.
These products come to life in the new Merate plant equipped with the most…


Gicar is equipped with innovative solutions for the store management, by using a perfectly integrated system, composed of modern automatic vertical modular stores.
The control of products on stock is constantly monitored by a complete…

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