About us

The company

Gicar was established in 1963 and has always been a 100% Italian Company.
It has consolidated throughout the years its presence in all the world markets for the supply of custom electronic solutions. In some sectors it is a global leader, particularly in the automation of coffee machines. Gicar is classified by the Italian Rating Agency in the area of reliability and is synonymous with high quality products, which meet the most stringent international safety standards.


Gicar business culture, developed in 50 years of history, is based on shared principles, in line with the “United Nations Global Compact’s (UNGC)” document regarding the respect of human rights and work conditions. Gicar wants to represent an example of good working conditions and respects the human rights in all its activities.

Customers relations

Honesty, integrity and loyalty are at the basis of relations with customers at all stages of the contractual relationship. Gicar respects the privacy and treats as highly confidential any customer information.  The communication with the customer is focused on listening the needs and the relating proposal of innovative solutions. Every effort is dedicated to the customer, for a service that is always at the highest level.

Relations with the employees

Gicar success is based on people: respect and dignity guide the company relations; the privacy is granted and the company does not tolerate any form of annoyances or discriminations. Gicar dedicates its efforts to prevent accidents, damages and illnesses in the workplace and to protect the staff, third parties, and all parties involved in the value chain.

Relations with suppliers

Suppliers, contractors and their employees are required to demonstrate honesty, integrity and loyalty, and to adhere unconditionally to the company standards.