Social commitment

Gicar has in its DNA the social function of the company. This is expressed not only in a way to direct corporate activities, but also through the support of specific social programs.

Gicar since 2007 supports the FAI – Italian National Trust, thorough membership to the program Corporate Golden Donor.

Together with FAI we want to realize a huge conservation project which is also an ambitious cultural challenge: make of Italy a more beautiful place to live, to work and to raise our children.

The natural and cultural heritage, which FAI protects and promotes, represents a unique capital in the world and the key resource on which investing to revive, to develop and to valorize our wonderful country.

Thanks to the support of its numerous members, both private citizens and companies, the FAI protects and handles 50 properties on the whole national territory since 40 years. Important historical, artistic and natural settlements have been saved from neglect, they have been restored, protected and opened to the audience.

Each day FAI is committed to protecting and to making accessible to anyone the amazing artistic, natural and cultural treasures in the countryside, cities and coasts of our country; the association wants also to be close to the education and awareness raising of the community to the respect and care of the art and nature, to be the voice of the instances of the civil society, by supervising and acting on the territory.

We want a more protected and more beautiful Italy. We work with FAI to build it.


The aim is to promote, support and encourage initiatives and activities directed to the continuous assistance to people with cancer or other incurable diseases in advanced form.

The goals are:

• help to alleviate the physical, mental and spiritual suffering of the patients;
• allow them to live a decent life without suffering until the last moment, possibly in their surroundings and in their own family or in facilities specifically designed and equipped for such purposes (hospices);
• help families to assist their loved ones until the last;
• spread and develop the culture of palliative care by any appropriate means.