We invest in reliability

It is essential to count on reliable suppliers for the purchases. This takes even more value for the choice of a partner that designs and manufactures a crucial component of a product.
In the present critical market situation, it’s very important to prove to be a solid and reliable company, which grows within a monitored and strategic plan.
Although we have encouraging financial data, we have joined the public Rating recognized by the Bank of Italy and European Central Bank, historically reserved for special listed companies and that recently became accessible to the SMEs.
We are among the first SMEs in Italy to have joined the Cerved Rating (Italian rating agency) that defines the financial and economic reliability of a company, by considering also its management and its potentiality, and it shows clearly the advisability to establish commercial relations with it.
Gicar reached a A3.1 Rating which classifies it at the highest level of solvency.



Custom solutions

GICAR always keeps up with technological innovation and evaluates the application of it in its own solutions, which can be customized or designed in exclusive.

Applications for several industrial sectors

Gicar, thanks to years of experience, designs and produces modern electronic solutions, with a wide products range that can meet any automation requirement in several industrial sectors.



Capitolo: 100% italian production

The production is in Italy and the hypothesis of delocalizing it in countries with lower labor costs has always been excluded, in order to guarantee the maximum quality of the product and customer assistance. The Italian production is certified for some product lines with Italcheck certificate “Italian Identity”.



Cooperation with customers

Gicar performs in its own laboratory the pre-compliance EMC tests and can also give support to the customers in the particular phase of the preparation of the technical documentation for their machines certification.

Home and international customers

Gicar is present in all world markets. Established as small Italian company for supplying Italian customers, it has gradually grown thanks to the expansion in foreign markets, by interpreting their commercial and technical requirements. Today, in the sectors of greatest interest, Gicar provides the leading manufacturers all around the world, with a wide range of products and available solutions, by covering all geographical areas.