Environment respect

Environmental Sustainability

Gicar considers as a priority the protection of the environment and is convinced that many “small things”, integrated into a coherent system, help to create a better environment for everyone.

For each environment the most suitable solution, such as:


Gicar plant has been equipped with a photovoltaic system for the use of energy from renewable sources in order to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal) and the release of CO2 into the atmosphere. The buildings have been insulated and a condensation boiler has been installed, by getting an energy saving around 15%.


In the production process, where possible, environmentally friendly materials are used to eliminate polluting wastes and waste materials are recovered for reuse. A careful collection of differentiated type separates the waste in a significant amount of kinds.


The manufacturing processes have been modified in order to reach a water saving around 90%.


The plant has been equipped with the best systems for filtering and for the abatement of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere. Very careful periodic checks on emissions are carried out to reduce pollutant emissions, in order to verify the compliance within the limits of the law.


Gicar carried out a project for the digitization of documents and flows, both internal and with customers and suppliers, which produced a considerable saving of paper.


The products are equipped with hardware and software technology solutions which allow the functioning in power saving mode (“ECO” function), also in compliance with the latest regulations.