We manage efficiently

The social structure of Gicar is simple and clear, a true premise for effective management, focused on objectives and not distracted by corporate problems.
The management style is characterized by prudence and a propensity to invest, two criteria that, applied in synergy, have led to the gradual and constant growth of Gicar.

We operate in the world, we produce in Italy

Gicar is present in all world markets. Born as a small Italian company to supply Italian customers, it has gradually grown thanks to the expansion in foreign markets, of which it has interpreted commercial and technical needs. Today, in the sectors of greatest interest, Gicar supplies the main manufacturers all over the world; with the wide range of products and solutions available, it covers all geographical areas.
Production is in Italy and the hypothesis of relocating it to countries with lower labor costs has always been excluded, in order to guarantee the maximum quality of the product and the maximum effectiveness of customer assistance.
Italian production is certified for some product lines with Italcheck “Italian Identity” certificate.

We offer to our customers a unique service

In addition to high pre and post sales results, Gicar performs all EMC preconformity tests directly in its laboratory, making its own laboratory available to customers for testing on their machines.
Thanks to these tests, the customes machines can easily pass the tests in the homologation laboratories.
Furthermore, it provides support to customers in the delicate phase of realization of all the technical documentation relating to the product supplied, necessary for obtaining the homologation of the machine.

We invest in reliability

It is very important to have reliable suppliers to turn to with confidence for our purchases.
This criterion applies even more to the choice of a partner, such as Gicar, which designs and produces a fundamental component of the final product of the…

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